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WordPress is launching new versions with time to time… All the WordPress users are being exited for the new version of WordPress all the time. Users know that there will be something new in the current versions. They are always ready to play with the latest features of the current version. In the past, there were some problems in the WordPress versions. Due to the WordPress software company launched a new version on WordPress recently. This version is called WordPress 5.0 version. The WordPress created WordPress 5.0 version especially for the users, who want change and reliability in editing experience.

The last version of WordPress was WordPress editor, and the current is WordPress 5.0 version. On the WordPress 5.0, an admin can create content with the WordPress as default. If you are a WordPress user then undoubtedly you will have a significant change in this version of WordPress.

Well, now we are going to share some authentic and useful information about this version of WordPress. Let’s pay attention below;


Here we are going to tell some points about significant changes in WordPress 5.0 than previous versions of WordPress.

  • Serious WordPress users already know what type of functions they are using in WordPress several versions. After getting WordPress 5.0 version, all the regular users of WordPress are happy with a quiet change of in this version. This platform is a bit change than last fewer. A single update can offer a significant shift. Such as, on 4.9 Tipton update a user can change designs in WordPress customizer so, that a user can go on-air at post drafts through this version easily.
  • WordPress 4.8 is another version of WordPress, which introduced a lot of widgets and their updates. In the past images can be added manually in WordPress. For now, WordPress has many dedicated media options as a widget for video files, audio files, and pictures.
  • There is another well-known feature of version 4.8 WordPress, which is a checking option for the WordPress events in the dashboard. This feature was entirely manual. Many users prefer this feature and rest of users are avoiding.
  • All the above features of past versions are quite useful, but these are not incredible. A lot of WordPress updates and features are now included in the newest version of WordPress 5.0.


This version of WordPress is changing from past fewer releases. It has some significant changes, which all are appropriative and incredible. The biggest and ultimate difference of this version is a block-based editor.

WordPress 5.0 is specially designed for those WordPress users who want to know that how to handle platform releases. Through this version of WordPress, a user can get a specific update for every release of WordPress yearly. Not only a bigger update but, a user can have a tiny update of WordPress on it.

Recently WordPress team is preparing for the next move. This move will get away all the problems of a user’s to schedule release model. WordPress team always wants to provide pressure-free platforms. Sometimes strong-willed deadlines are hard to bear, so that is why WordPress accept that task. WordPress 5.0 offering a user to work free handed with more appropriative leaps. That is why WordPress created this version for its users.

Aside from that, here are a few of the other significant changes that make WordPress 5.0 a very interesting upgrade:


  • WordPress 5.0 is providing an entirely focused platform for the prospective site-building experience. WordPress is leading on the online world respectively. It takes a high share in the online marketing. After creating WordPress 5.0 version, WordPress taking a high credit for improving site building experiences in the online world. The goal of the WordPress team is to hold against the rising of hosted site builders.
  • WordPress rest API improves itself also. The WordPress API version is always being a helping hand for its users. WordPress API is still ready to make more exciting feature products for the developers. A developer can send and pull the site data from a website quickly. This is also an excellent update. Now developer will get more comfortable on it. He can make apps by using the platform as a framework.


  • Maybe you have faced many troubles in the past regarding custom themes. On WordPress 5.0 version you can build custom themes easily. It was a time when we simple development backgrounds are needed to put together WordPress theme. Now the WordPress 5.0 is offering Gutenberg, which means theme creation is so simple.


  • It’s time to introduce another functioning feature of WordPress 5.0 version. This feature will surprise you anyway. For the page building, we are always losing relevance. WordPress 5.0 is offering many page-builder tools for its users. As we all know that WordPress is a basis of many professional platforms, due to Gutenberg was not a perfect match of these platforms for page page-building.


WordPress 5.0 has been launched a block-based editor as Gutenberg. This editor can provide an excellent experience to the users.

Do not worry! If you don’t want to use Gutenberg then, a new editor on WordPress 5.0 version is available. If a user wants to change his previous editor, then he may keep all the way. Before Gutenberg, the classic editor was the previous one on the WordPress.  The classic editor is available on many online stores. This plugin can be installed on the official classic editor plugins also.

There is another important thing about this version is that there is no need to worry about the new settlement on Gutenberg editor. WordPress 5.0 has a little capacity to add more plugins in it. Many plugins are capable with Gutenberg block editor. Gutenberg is a useful delivery tool simply. We can create an additional content block with the help of this plugin easily.

For emergency you can use both plugins Gutenberg block editor and you old one plugin to check out,  Services, Pricing, Testimonials, Google Map, Sharing Icons, Pie Chart, Notice, Click to Tweet, and many more.


Skipping on new versions are always being so stressful and time-consuming. Here we are not insisting you to skip on the WordPress 5.0 version anyhow! But surely we are letting you know all the features and advantages of this version of WordPress. Site security is also crucial for up-to-date.

If someone does not want to install a new block editor for his website then, here is an easy way to update WordPress 5.0. This way will inspire you anyhow. This way is a safe way to keep new experience without change.

Before use an update, you have to set your older editor as default then, install the classic block editor plugin on WordPress. This process will make you able to upgrade WordPress 5.o manually. Or we can say that through via auto-update process, there will be no change occurs in editing your posts on your WordPress sites.

This is not enough for a WordPress user if a WordPress user is entirely sure to update WordPress 5.0 then he can do it once after restarting auto update-system. This totally depends on his setting. He may have the warning about next update up to 72 hours. For the Auto-update tutorial checkout update delay and skip updates videos on youtube.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER USING ELEMENTOR ON WORDPRESS?BeforeWordPress 5.0 there were a lot of users who were

Those WordPress users, who are not using a standard WordPress editor? The WordPress launched WordPress 5.0 version especially for them. This WordPress version is competent for editing posts along with affected updates. A user can continue the usage of his previous page builder. For the native WordPress, this version will allow the effecting update.



After introducing WordPress 5.o all block back, editors are feeling embracing. The WordPress 5.0 version is made for the unveiling, debuting. This is a current version of WordPress which providing satisfaction to its users. WordPress 5.0 is a new block-based editor which is specially designed for web pages construction. Its latest release will introduce another default theme of WordPress in 2019. Many WordPress users are not willing to change their previous block editor along with they want to install WordPress 5.0. For all that type of users, it has a choice of the classic editor as a plugin till 2021. The classic editor is a supportive plugin for WordPress 5.0 till next three years approximately.


Formally an auto updates system takes time of installation on a new WordPress version for four days or seventy-two (72) hours approximately. Somehow we expect less time of its installation. Well, within these waiting hours, we can easily observe the new editor accurately. That is how it behaves on real sites, early adopters, address problems, and Etc. If you have anyone problem of them, then you can gradually enable the auto upgrade system on WordPress 5.0.

An email will be sent to the user as schedule update notification. This email will be based on the interval update of your account. This version of WordPress is for any ager user. Everyone can get the new WordPress 5.0. A WordPress admin manual option is still available on WordPress 5.0.

It is all which we explained in this article. Srmehranclub.com is selling this fantastic WordPress version on a cheap rate. We are suggesting a tip to our customers that they can use all the features of this version if they have proper backup for its.


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