Avada Theme VS Divi Theme Which is the best?

WordPress themes allow you to build beautiful and interactive websites using WordPress. WordPress themes are especially helpful for the people who have no experience about building websites. Creating a website from scratch using the conventional technologies requires sufficient coding experience. And if you are just a beginner then it would be quite difficult for you to go back and learn everything about website development. Keeping that in mind, WordPress themes were being introduced which made it possible for non-technical users to build their own websites in the least amount of time and with less effort.

There is a huge variety of WordPress themes available which you can choose from. Selecting a right theme which is perfect for your use is a crucial task especially when you have so many options in front of you. But don’t worry; we have narrowed the choice of the best WordPress theme down to just two themes, Avada and Divi, based on the user reviews. Both of these themes are fully responsive and multipurpose. You can literally build any kind of website with these themes, from a personal blog to a full-fledged organization based website.

In this article, we are going to compare the general features and functionalities of both of these themes so that you can decide which one to go for.

Introducing Divi and Avada WordPress Themes:

Both Divi and Avada are multipurpose all in one theme. In the past, before the release of these themes, you had to spend money separately on the designs as well as for your different projects and functionalities. But these multipurpose themes set a new standard for WordPress themes.

Introducing Divi:

Divi was released by Elegant themes at the end of 2013. It is considered to be the flagship theme of Elegant themes. It totally changed the standards for what a flagship theme should be capable of. Divi allowed its users to build interactive websites in just a matter of minutes. Since the first release, Divi has been updated over and over again to add the latest features. It has some functionality which is entirely unique to it and that’s why it has a huge userbase.


Introducing Avada:

Avada is the number, best selling theme on ThemeForest. Avada easily takes the lead over its competitors by having more than 435,000 downloads on ThemeForest. It’s been around for quite some time now. It was released in 2012. Because of frequent updates to the designs, it evolved to be the best selling theme and had a great user feedback. Another remarkable thing which is worth mentioning is, it has almost twice as much downloads than its nearest competitor. It is versatile and multipurpose i.e. you can build any kind of website that you can think of.

Divi VS Avada Which one is THE BEST?

Ok so without wasting any more time, let’s discuss some of the key features of both of these themes. We are going to compare these themes in terms of:

  • Page builder interface
  • Content layout
  • Prebuilt designs and layouts
  • Other key features offered by both of the themes

Comparing Page Builder Interface:

Divi Page Builder Interface:

Once you have downloaded and activated Divi WordPress theme, that’s it. You don’t have to install any other plugin. You can immediately start working on building your website. Divi is integrated in your website in quite a sophisticated manner. The page builder of divi is called the Divi builder. It supports drag and drops options which are made available when you to edit your page or post.

Divi builder is a multipurpose page builder. It can be used to edit front as well as the back end. There is a massive competition among WordPress page builders but still, Divi managed to prove itself to be one of the best ones out there. The Divi builder interface is clean, fast and colorful. Even though the design may be simple, Divi packs some of the finest features which you will not find in any other page builder.

When you click on the button Use Divi builder, the builder will load. You can create your designs by dragging and dropping elements like content modules, columns, rows and different edit sections.

Avada Page Builder Interface:

When you finish installing the theme and you are done with the activation process, you would be taken to a welcome page. Your next job is to install two plugins: Fusion Core and Fusion Builder. These are going to be your page builders.

Fusion Builder is a drag and drops page builder which can be activated on your posts and pages by clicking the fusion builder button. Fusion builder is simply black, white and blue colored which looks kind of dull but the page loading speed is phenomenal. There is also an 11 minutes long tutorial teaching you how to use the fusion builder. Although the interface is quite self-explanatory but still it is recommended to watch that tutorial in order to take the maximum out of your website building experience.

All of the content elements, columns, and containers can be easy, deleted, cloned and configured. The design updating speed is crazy.

Comparing Content and layout:

Divi theme content elements and layout:

Divi builder offers a huge variety of content elements which you can use to create quality content. There are total 46 content elements offered by Divi. You can add third part widgets by using the sidebar content element. The user is given total control over every content element. The level of control over the content element is so impressive that you only have to use your keyboard when you are writing an article or a post. Other than that, you can easily control everything with the mouse clicks.

Divi comes with about 20 pre-made layouts for your homepage.

Avada theme content elements and layout:

Avada also offers a total of 46 content elements. These elements include some unique content elements such as pricing tables and galleries tables. All the content elements are highly customizable. You can store your designed content elements in the template library for future use. The content elements look quite basic but they can be tweaked to make them appear more appealing.

Avada comes with about 30 pre-made layouts which they call theme demos.

Avada VS Divi: Prebuilt Designs and Demos 

Divi prebuilt designs and demos:

Divi WordPress theme comes with more than 350 layouts and it includes about 48 full-fledged website designs. More layouts are being added with every update. You can either use a prebuilt website layout or you can even combine different layouts to build a perfect website for you. These premade layouts are huge time saver.

Avada prebuilt designs and demos:

With Avada, you get access to one off the world’s largest demo website layout selection. This is what makes Avada stand out as compared to its competition. There are more than 50 websites designs to choose from with the release of the latest Avada update. The design upload speed is extraordinary fast. You can quite literally set up your own website in just a matter of minutes. There are demo website designs for Traveling, architecture, hotel, photography etc.

Key Features of Avada and Divi:

Considering the features that have been discussed so far, it is clear that both of the themes have their own advantages and disadvantages. To sum it all up, let’s take a look at some of the key features of Divi and Avad so that you can choose the best one for you.

Divi key Features:

  • It is a frontend as well as backend page builder
  • Allows inline text editing
  • Live page builder
  • Hundreds of templates to chose from
  • Offers about 48 demo website designs
  • Responsive page building
  • Offers about 46 content elements
  • Comes with about 350 layouts

Avada key Features:

  • It is a backend only page builder
  • Settings options are well organized
  • Offers about 50 demo website designs
  • A huge variety of themes to choose from
  • 46 content elements
  • Third party widgets integration for performance enhancement
  • WooCommerce Integration


Final Words:

Divi and Avada both are among the top-rated WordPress multipurpose themes. It is quite hard to say which one is better as both of these themes can help you build interactive websites. We believe that the selection of the right theme for your WordPress website highly depends upon your preference. Both of these themes have their own pros and cons. It also depends upon your idea of building a website. If you are more interested in doing the work faster than you can go for Avada but if you want more control over the content elements then Divi is probably the right one for you.

See, it is quite difficult to say which one you should go for. So we think it would be better if you decide it for yourself. We will leave the final decision to you.

Hope You understand this Blog – Avada Theme VS Divi Theme Which is the best  If You have Any Question then comment below we will reply soon


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