Term & Condition

About Acceptance of Terms

SRMEHRANCLUB (“Provider”) is all involved as it provides software and website services to you that are all subject to the following Terms of Service (“TOS”). If you do not agree to the TOS, then you should not hence use the srmehranclub.com website.

Product License

The WordPress themes, as well as plugins, extensions & snippets authored by the side of the Provider and provided on srmehranclub.com. It is all the more licensed under the GNU general public license. Third-party vendors create a few of the significant products that are to be sold on srmehranclub.com.  Whereas all the WordPress-interactive code in the timeline of the products is licensed under the GPS. But you would be finding so many other contents to adding with the images and Cascading Style Sheets (“CSS”) files that are to be licensed under proprietary terms. You should review with the complete set of the licensing terms included with any purchases for the conditions that apply to it.

Elementor Pro, Avada, Porto, Revolution Slider, and some more plugins & themes would be coming as under the GPL license, but it would not be bringing any impact on the pre-made pages at all. This is for the reason that it does require verification of permits which we do not give. But the product works 100% well just for the idea that there has been a problem to import a pre-made page first so that we can process the refund on top of the above do not accept.

We provide pre-built template/demo content files (JSON and XML file) manually so you can Easily import the template in your website in Elementor pro, and the Revolution slider plugin for more information contact us and check the related video on our Youtube Channel.

We provide demo content with Migration file(duplicator & All in one migration plugin) in Avada, Astra site and Porto theme and some more themes

Elementor pro activation file:-  Elementor is a very popular plugin for page builders, Elementor Pro was the GPL version until 2.9.1 but the later version(2.9.2-25-March-2020) does not come under GPL license so So we activate this plugin by activating it.

We always claim that we do not provide nulled and cracked version products, yet why are we activating elementor pro. We currently have about 25k+ plus products, but we are only activating Elementor pro and we cannot remove this plugin because we have many members attached to this plugin and we can provide many other templates related to it. That is why it is mandatory to keep Elementor pro with us.

The original License key is Available for Elementor pro if you are a member then we will charge $5 per domain yearly this is a subscription base request to fill the form to get the license key / We need login access to your website to activate the license key.

We have decided that from now(12 September 2021) we will upload a few activated products which get activated after changing some original source code, this process is called nulling process, and all products will be activated by us so all these products will be completely 100% safe As you Know that we have never uploaded activated products like that till now, and this change is being done after 5 years to provide better service and after seeing your huge demand. We have taken this decision because you know that we are known to provide original and quality products. We have paid special attention to each and every product. We are not dependent on any kind of third-party vendor. We’ve always claimed that we don’t sell any nulled & crack version products you can see it on every product page, but I want to assure you that all these products will be safe. We will provide only 10 to 15 such products and you will also get the information related on the product page. I have always been transparent, I share every little thing openly with you, even before this we had provided two to three products, but at the same time we have mentioned the complete information on our terms. hope you understand in case if you have some questions then kindly let us know or contact our customer care.

Support terms –

As we are third-party providers so we have clarity mentioned in our terms we don’t provide any support but if you get any trouble then you can contact us on the request basis or tech help for installation we will guide you or try to resolve your issue but support is only applicable on the email – contact@Srmehranclub.com we have multiple sources to connect like skype, WhatsApp and phone support but this is additional contact as based on agent available we will try to reply shortly but we don’t provide good or professional support on WhatsApp, skype this is only for small queries. We may take 24-48 hours to reply in some conditions it may take a longer time than usual it depends on the subject of support however we always try to respond ASAP. Only UK mobile number is available for 24/7 call support however you can connect us USA and Indian number anytime we will try to respond in case if we miss the call then we will get back to you soon.

Product Delivery:

The provider will be attending with the digital media that can somehow be downloaded instantly just as after a purchase has been made. If you will be paying all through the medium of the bank then it would be taking the duration of around 6 hours to 24 hours in terms of manually confirming your order.

Only login Users (customers and members can reach/see our Indian customers care number available only Monday to Friday) USA and UK numbers are available 24/7 for everyone.  If there is any issue or need urgent help related to your order or any kind of inconvenience kindly report to our administrator team.

Refund policy:

Srmehranclub is leading the way by offering a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Unlike most free GPL websites, We believe in customer satisfaction. That is why we are willing to give you a full refund in case our products don’t work and if we are unable to resolve your problem. We will process your request for a refund and credit the amount back to your account as soon as possible.

Refund Process

  1. When you make the cancellation request for the membership, we review it and forward it to the concerned bank for further processing.
  2. The money will be credited back to your account as per the bank’s schedule.
  3. Generally, it can take between 7 to 10 days for the refund to take place.

If you don’t get a refund in this timeline, you can reach out to us for further assistance. We’ll guide you through the refund process and answer all your queries and concerns regarding the process.

🔒 Comprehensive Refund Policy Overview: Terms and Exclusions

I. No Refund for the Super One/Reseller Membership Plan – We don’t provide a refund for the Super One plan. So, even if you claim within 7 days, you won’t be able to apply for a refund. The refund policy applies to all the membership plans except this one.

II. No Refund for CryptoPurchases – If you have purchased the plan with Bitcoin, you won’t get a refund for it. The refund works for non-crypto currencies as the request is processed by your respective bank.

III. Bank Transfer Payments Excluded from Refunds: – Refunds are unavailable for payments made via bank account transfer to our PK and BD bank accounts.

IV. No Refund for Future Updates – If you download a product and it works fine for you, then you probably won’t need a refund. But if the same product gets updated and stops working for you, then you won’t get a refund for it. Please read the updated terms and conditions to learn more about this. Due to the nature of the Service, we don’t claim updates for any product but we always try to keep updating all the products ASAP, You can trust that based on our history data for updates we are fully transparent you can check update history with date on every product page as mentioned under the older version.

V. Support on Request – We offer our support services on request. Since we don’t own the original products, we don’t handle the support for them and there will be no refund in this scenario. Being a 3rd party seller, we don’t provide support unless you request it.

VI. Plugin Support – If you are having issues with a plugin and you are not willing to share access to check and resolve the issue, then it is going to make you ineligible for the refund. We need to check the server and optimize it to meet the installation requirements of the downloaded product. Also, you can visit the plugin developer’s website to see any specific server requirements or settings that you might need to change to make the plugin work.

VII. Reselling Prohibited, No Refund – You can share the products you download from our platform with a friend or a client, but you can’t resell them. If you are found to be guilty of reselling the product, then we will suspend your account without notification. Also, no refund or reply will be given to you in this case.

VIII. Super One Membership Plan – If you want to resell the products downloaded from our website, you need to subscribe to the Super One Membership Plan. With this plan, you will get a dedicated Account Manager that will help you set up your business.

IX. No refund for Change of Mind or did not like: – After the purchase of a product or membership, refunds will not be granted if the reason is a change of mind or a statement such as ‘I did not like your service or products.’ As third-party providers, the products listed on our platform are not proprietary to us, Before purchase, all products are accompanied by sales page URLs and links for verification. So saying I did not like does not make any sense here, However, in cases where our product malfunctions or we are unable to resolve an issue, a refund will be facilitated.

X. No refund for Non-Listed Products: We do not entertain refund requests for products not listed on our website. Any claim seeking a refund based on product unavailability outside our platform will not be accommodated. For further details regarding new product uploads and our refund policy, we strongly advise referring to our terms and conditions.

XI. Technical Skills Requirement for Refunds: – If you don’t have the technical knowledge or skills to use the product then no refund will be provided.

XII. Authority to Remove Products and Refund Policy: – Due to the nature of the Service we have the authority to remove any products from our site if we remove then you can’t download the product and no refund will be provided for that however hardly we see such a case but if it happens then we will take care of your need and act accordingly or if there are any alternative products then we will try to replace free hope you understand the nature of Service and help accordingly.

XIII. License Key Refund Policy: – We don’t provide the license key we have already mentioned in our terms we won’t refund you if you ask for the License key. As We provide GPL products so it is not required.

XIV. No Refund for Mistaken Purchases: If you purchase by mistake then no refund will be provided even if you haven’t downloaded any products as we are third-party sellers accosted with many services once you purchase you have full access to our site as well as security concerns and bad behaviour or report against your purchase, also we don’t have any control over the products due to GPL License.

XV. No refund for original license key products – We started providing original license key products in September 2023 there are many products uploaded with original license key access means once you purchase either you will get a direct license key or activation with the original license key from our side, Yes there are some products like Elementor as we provide activation manually and if we remove the license then you won’t be able to use it so we have authority to cancel and restrict on cancellation for such products you will get refund if you claim within 7 days, or If any product you purchased with original license key can be request for refund if the license key does not work or we could not resolve your issue.

XVI. No Refund without Seeking Solution/Refund: – Before requesting a refund through PayPal or any other payment service, please contact us first if something isn’t right with your purchase. We’re here to help fix problems like installation issues or if what you bought isn’t working. Going straight to a refund claim can cause problems for us and might lead to extra charges. Not only this but our account can also get restricted in various ways, such as total threshold amounts and additional payment fees. Therefore, please reach out to us first for support. If you do start a refund claim early, we’ll have to handle things exclusively through the payment service and act accordingly and we won’t be able to offer further assistance. Our refund policy is clear: if our product doesn’t work or we can’t resolve your issue, your payment will be refunded so there should not be any confusion or issue.

XVII. Exclusions from Refund: -No refund for our additional services like SEO service or graphics designing services.

XVIII. Refund Timeline: Post-7 Days Exclusion: -No refund if you request a refund after 7 days later.

XIX. No refund If you claim free membership through our laughing nature service or purchase hosting from our reference link or any other way, As we do not get any money from it so no refund will be provided.

XX. Products Removed by Authors: -No refund if any product has been removed from the author’s site and the author has stopped providing updates for this product.

XXI. Negative Feedback or Abusive Behavior: -Refunds are not granted to customers posting public negative feedback without seeking assistance. Instances of misunderstanding installation processes without seeking help will not be considered for refunds.

XXII. Typically, the demo import function operates smoothly across our range of products. However, it’s important to note that a select few—approximately 4 to 5—such as Jnews or Essential theme, may encounter limitations in demo import functionality. Additionally, it’s essential to understand that cloud-based demo imports have specific constraints; for instance, with the Newspaper theme, while a full demo can be imported, the option for cloud-based import remains non-functional. Furthermore, it’s imperative to acknowledge that certain cloud-based functionalities directly linked with the author’s site exhibit limitations. For instance, the scanning feature within the Wordfence plugin does not operate in its latest version due to code alterations by the author. Additionally, functionalities within plugins like WPMUDEV, such as displaying reports akin to analytics, might face limitations. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that the primary features of these plugins operate without issue; only specific report-related functionalities may encounter limitations or non-functionality. If there is any terms generally we mention on the product page under the Note section so you can check the product page before purchasing it, I hope you understand the nature of service and support on this.

If you don’t follow our terms and conditions then your account may be suspended and we don’t provide a refund for a suspended account.

The whole idea behind our refund policy is to garner feelings of trust with our clients. If you have any questions regarding the refund policy, you can reach out to our customer care at contact@srmehranclub.com.

Upload New Product

Normally you will see that we keep uploading new products. But we never claim, we will upload a special product to you. You can request, if possible, we will definitely upload it. (We respect the choice of all customers. And all people need different themes and plugins, so we work continuously to make them available to the people, the more and more products we can reach. But we do not guarantee that we will upload 100% to a specific product you have requested.) Since those who request us to upload the product, we are checking that product how many people will be benefited from this product and whether the product is under GPL license or not. Since we only select the GPL license product on our website, so that it can be freely used by everyone without any interruption. Even how old the product is. How many people like that product?

If you put pressure on the upload of any product, for which you have already been informed that we can’t upload. In such a situation, your account will be closed without notice.

We do not count the themes made available within 30 days nor can they be confirmed in any way because there are so many themes available here, which are recently uploaded, sometimes GPL issues. It means that they upload the product but I later find that it does not come under the GPL license. Because we check all the themes and plugins properly and this problem is very low. But we do not include any products uploaded within 30 days on our list so you can not claim at this level.

Product Update Terms:

Each individual product purchased from Provider includes complimentary updates for a lifetime(1 year to lifetime updated t&c 29/01/20). If you have taken membership and your membership is over, then you will not be able to update the product further.

We can not update some products immediately. We take a little time for this. You have to wait, you can request it. We do not claim that the new version will update as soon as we update it. it’s not possible due to many reasons as we do not receive any email for updates from the main author many times and some authors do not notify to the customer via email for the update, we have to manually check, sometimes we know when we get a request email from the customer then We update that product. We are a third-party seller but we always try to keep updated all the products.

You can update all the products through our automatic update plugin. That does not mean you have to update manually. But some of them are products that fall against our plugin, you may have to manually update those products.

All the products of the third party are to be provided are supported by their authors and not by the side of the Provider. You should please review the support terms that are to be provided by the author of a product before purchasing it. They are just involved in the aim as they do support our Products that are to be sold by official Resellers, Their Support Service includes assistance with Product installations, all along with the configuration, and use.

Note:- Sadly after 5 years later, We have stopped providing updates for Yith products, Our agreement has been canceled, Hope you understand the nature of business and will keep supporting us. If we could enable it in the future then we will definitely do. However, there are some more products like that we mentioned on the products pages like MTS and others – The latest version of MTS products do not come under the GPL license anymore so We can’t provide/upload. however, hardly happens this kind of situations.

Guarantee upload:

Straight away in this category, we are uploading with any kind of product that is accessible in the range of the GPL license. It does not matter away whether it is popular or not it is publicly friendly or not. For this condition, you do have to pay 50% of the amount range of the original sales price. But in this aspect, we do not offer any license and support. This facility has been just made available to members only. If you have a membership, then you can instantly be made the request and take benefit out of the service.

Account Termination And Suspension

The user who is not willing to continue the subscription is automatically unsubscribed and limits access to SRMehranClub products until the re-subscription. On the other hand, “SRMehranClub” has the authority to suspended or terminate the user’s accounts without any notification which are not followed by the guidelines and TOS.

Unauthorized Actions

From this subparagraph, you can learn about the unauthorized actions that shouldn’t be made under any circumstances. It is prohibited to:

  1. Share any of the products included in the Srmehranclub subscription, modified or unmodified, through any means (via Torrent, LBRY, or any social networks and messengers, or through any other medium);
  2. offer the products for redistribution or resale of any kind unless it is directly allowed by the license you acquired, we never allow to copy our content and strategy of our business model (name, branding, data, idea, and many more)
  3. If the latest version does not support(due to compatibility issues) or work on your websites then only you can download an older version from our website you Can’t just download an older version like regular products or downloading it just to save or create a database of products it counts as mass download or robotic mindset (Note:- Only members can download older version)
  4. sub-license, assign or transfer the products mentioned above to any entity;
  5. resell or separate from the product and then reuse any part of the imagery, clipart, fonts, and video footage same, used in the products included in the Srmehranclub subscription (these items are an integral part of our products);
  6. resell the products with the modifications on any sites, third-party marketplace(s), platform(s), or through any other means (messengers, forums, etc.).
  7. upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any submissions or other content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, degrading, tortious, libelous, slanderous or otherwise defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;
  8. Download the items you don’t intend to use in the projects (this rule applies to mass download cases). In case the mass download is suspected, your access to Srmehranclub will be restricted or terminated; No matter how many products you are allowed to download per day, Make sure to download the item for the ongoing project only we don’t allow to download for creating a database or store on your system we are very serious for this, If you are allowed to download twenty(600 monthly) products per day accounting to your membership(Standard – 15, semester -15, Premium -15, Lifetimes – 20 items per day and Bronze – 10 products per day)  then no problem you can download all twenty products, but make sure all the products will going to use for your current project we tract every download very seriously and also check customer’s behavior on our website
  9. resell the end-product to the client when its value is mainly the value of the product acquired from Srmehranclub (the end-product should be both unique and valuable on its own).
  10.  use our items for on-demand services like Saas platforms.
  11.  use items downloaded from Srmehranclub to promote your products or services.
  12.  claim your rights for any of the products provided within Srmehranclub subscription. The sole right on all the items within the subscription belongs to Srmehranclub.
  13. We don’t allow for download from multiple IP addresses also we don’t allow access for website VPN/PROXY Users, Hope you understand the nature of business and support us!
  14. We don’t put restrictions for download in that way like(other members) for super one member but we don’t support robotic mindset or To download thousands of products in one day or very frequently if your account suspected then your account will be deleted or suspended for permanently
  15. You are not allowed to share access with your co-workers or employees. The account is personal and do not do unwanted activities like robotically visiting thousands of pages at a time or being very fluent.

Business Use Of Our Goods and Services:

If you are involved in making use of the services as on behalf of the business, then the business will be accepting all the terms. It would be attending to hold them harmless and yet the affiliates, officers, agents, and employees from any claim, suit or action that would be taking place as because of the use of the Goods or Services or violation of these terms.

Product Warranty:

If you are looking for any help in setting up or even configuring your plugin, then you should please first check the documentation and FAQs of the extension. Your question will be answered in a short time span. If not, then you are allowed to submit the ticket. They are not involved in giving out general WordPress support.

As by the nature of our repository, we do not give out any support or technical support for themes, or plugins, or WooCommerce extensions. If you are in search of any premium support, then we charge $ 15 per hour. We will solve all kinds of problems. The balance is somehow refundable if we can solve your problem.

We do have the complete set of information as to when you will be opening the account and getting yourself registered on the website. You can place it upon your order as for the products or services. By getting in touch with us, you can ask for more set of information and get in contact with our local branch. The form of information that we have been instead collecting is your name, as well as postal address, and also the job title, along with the email address and so as the phone number. In this way, we would be able to contact our customers when we want to. As you would be entering any competition or the promotional form of the feature, we would be asking for your personal information such as to ask for your name, plus the postal address, as well as your email address and phone number. Also, they do considerably collect the information related to how you will be using the website as in the conditions of the cookies. Cookies are known as the forms of codes that are made up of letters and numbers. Above all, there are some more terms and conditions which you can apply as you would be opening the account or even at the time as you would be taking part in any competition. Make sure you read out all the terms and conditions being part of it.


  • The information which you provide to us is used for the below-mentioned purposes:
  • We do make use of data to order and manage your account.
  • Apart from it we also provide information as related to personalized online experiences plus the provision of tailored communications.
  • It would let us keep the records accurate.

We are giving out the principal terms of attention as in managing the privacy of the customers over the side of the paramount level. They are also conscious on top of the fact that the data they have collected is preferably by the data protection laws that are being applied on top of the international level. This category of the privacy policy as all together with the rest of the cookies policy would let you explain how we make use of any information which we instead collect from you. We do put together as to form the part of our terms related to the business.

We have been working in the nation for the last so many years. It does come up in providing with the plugin services like 24 hours a day to service access. We do deal with our customers with the services that are perfect to be meant for the plugin’s need. You need to get in contact with us, and we will quote you for longer distances. We do feel pride in the fact that we are giving our customers prompt and friendly services. With the passage of time, according to the comfort zone level of the customers, we keep on bringing the changes in the prices and will always feel happy to give you a quote.

We do come up in providing excellent services for the customers as well. Our plugin service access is counted as readily as one of the best facilities in the town all over the world.  If you have still not taken the enjoyable services of WordPress, then without any single delay be the first to have your contact with us right now!

For the last so many years, we are the best in providing you with the full range of service category timelines at the premium level. We are known in the market for giving you a high standard of excellent services that is unmatched by our competitors. We do not just deal with you out with the services which you desire to have, but we make sure that our services are standing according to the care zone as well.

We have an expert and professional team of customer service who are involved in dealing out with the standard plugin services. Our experts are fully aware of the best routes that would enable you to reach your helping hand on time without any delay easily. We do make the availing use of GPS service technology to make our service easy enough.

We do come up with a team of the mear operators as well that adds our business name with the height of most fair and reputable status measurements. We are undergoing a high level of background checks and a regular sum of training for keeping up the latest best practice services in our custody.

Our offered service is one of the most comfortable and best dependable services we are offering out. Apart from it, we do have a high range of quality services in the provision of the second plugin provision services too. Hence we just come up with the employment of the aggressive maintenance schedule so that we can assure that the plugin checking is in top performance. We are sure that after reading out the detailed enlist of our primary services, you would be giving a thought in mind to try our services! Contact us now!

You can get complete know-how about the plugin categories since the time you will be visiting our website. Undergoing the process is rather simple and easy for you to carry out. In the range of the plug-in service, our support center would be meeting up with you at all using the arrivals gate with your name on aboard. We are all involved in the services where we would monitor the whole of your help.  Our service is being included in the timeline mode of the monitoring as well. In the service, we have a professional team of customer support centers by which you can get all the details and will assist you with your queries as well.  You do have complete freedom as for where you can change the prices across the whole UK. Moreover, customer deals are often stored in the admin area for future marketing concerns. Plus, you can choose the plugin categories of your own choice. You can add options to your system with the complete details about them.

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Access to All 35,500+ Premium Themes, Plugins, Scripts & Templates
100% Original Authentic & Verified Products
24/7 Technical Support via Ticket, Live Chat & Phone Support
Automatic, Toolkit update & Srmehran Templates kit plugins included.
Instant Access, Fast download and Regular Update
Check our Trustpilot 4.8/5 Reviews
Srmehranclub 8th anniversary 81% OFF on the Lifetime deal only for today
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