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Beaver Builder Professional WordPress Plugin

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Build Your Own WordPress Website. Join over 275,000 websites built with Beaver Builder. You’re going to love taking control of your WordPress website. Our page builder plugin works with your existing website. Building beautiful, professional pages and is as easy as dragging and dropping. A page builder and framework theme can revolutionize your workflow. Save valuable time and empower clients to handle their own edits.

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Why So Affordable ?


Beaver Builder Professional WordPress Plugin

Beaver Builder is a complete design system that includes a page builder plugin and a framework theme.

  • If you’re a WordPress user, finally get complete control of your website. Our page builder plugin works with your existing website. Building beautiful, professional pages and is as easy as dragging and dropping.
  • If you’re a web professional, build responsive sites faster than ever. A page builder and framework theme can revolutionize your workflow. Save valuable time and empower clients to handle their own edits.
  • Kick-start your creativity with dozens of gorgeous page templates. Templates make designing easy and save you time. Choose a template, replace the images and text with yours, then hit publish. You can even save your own designs as templates and reuse them all over your site, or export them to use on a different site.
  • You can position images and text with precision, and build column based layouts in minutes. Positioning text and images with the WordPress editor is a pain! Beaver Builder’s front end drag and drop interface gives you total control over the layout of your pages.
  • Join over 50,000 websites using the flexible and powerful Beaver Builder Theme. Child themes should be used for your customizations. Choose from a variety of styles using our settings presets, then modify them with the native WordPress Customizer. The Beaver Builder Theme is the last one you’ll ever need.
  • Separate your page builder from your theme and get complete control of your content. Beaver Builder’s page builder plugin can be used with any theme and you can switch themes without losing your content. Even if you decide to stop using Beaver Builder, your content gets ported right back into the WordPress editor.


  • Live, Front End Editing
    What you see is what you get! Beaver Builder’s intuitive page builder works in real time on the front end of your page. No more guesswork.
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive
    As long as you’re using a responsive theme, any page built with Beaver Builder will be totally responsive.
  • Translation Ready
    Support for the popular WPML translation plugin has been baked into Beaver Builder’s core for international users.
  • WooCommerce Support
    Beaver Builder plays great with WooCommerce. It’s never been easier to design a storefront.
  • Works With Almost Any Theme
    Need a page builder for Genesis, Divi, Woothemes, or Ultimatum? The Page Builder plugin works with almost any theme.
  • Multisite Capable
    Our Pro & Agency packages both support multisite installs. Our Agency package features a network-wide control panel so you can make changes across your network.
  • Save and Reuse Rows & Modules
    Configure a row/module once, then use it all over your site. Set a saved row/module as a global and your changes will affect all instances of the module/row.
  • Shortcode and Widget Support
    Beaver Builder supports shortcodes and widgets so you can use your other favorite plugins. Want to use Ninja Forms or an Easy Pricing Table? We’ve got you covered!
  • Developer Friendly
    Developers can extend and customize Beaver Builder through widgets or by using our powerful (and well-documented) custom module boilerplate.
  • Supports Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types
    Just because it’s called a page builder doesn’t mean you’re limited to WordPress pages.
  • Hand Off Sites to Clients with Editor Mode
    Limit your client’s abilities with Editor Mode, and prevent them from accidentally breaking their pages.
  • Tuned & Optimized for SEO
    Standards such as markup and code compression ensure your pages are easily found by search engines.
  • Reusable Templates
    Every layout you create can be saved and reused an unlimited number of times to quickly build new pages.
  • Import/Export
    Share your layouts with others, or migrate your site, using WordPress’ built in import/export tools.
Developer NameThe Beaver Builder Team
Live link
Released DateFebruary 17, 2019
Licence TypeGPL
ProductTypeVersionLast UpdateDownload
Beaver Builder Professional WordPress Pluginplugin2.2.1.12019-02-17Login to download
Beaver Builder Professional WordPress Pluginplugin2.2.0.72019-02-10Login to download
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Beaver Builder Professional WordPress Pluginplugin2.1.6.32018-11-01Login to download
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What can I do with Beaver Builder?

OK, you’ve installed the Beaver Builder plugin on your WordPress site. And you’ve installed a WordPress theme – If you have the Pro or Agency version of Beaver Builder, maybe you’ve installed the Beaver Builder Theme and child theme.

Now what?

Here’s an overview of the Beaver Builder plugin and Beaver Builder Theme.

  • Theme vs. plugin
  • Beaver Builder Plugin
  • Beaver Builder Theme
  • Pages vs. blog posts

Theme vs. plugin

First, some terminology.

  • A WordPress theme controls the header, footer, and sidebar areas of your site.
  • The Beaver Builder plugin, when you enable it for any specific page or post, controls the content area.

Here’s a diagram to illustrate that:

The following sections show you the basic concepts underlying content layouts with the Beaver Builder plugin, the parts of the page controlled by the theme, and how the Beaver Builder theme integrates with and enhances the plugin.

Beaver Builder Plugin

The Beaver Builder plugin installs the front-end UI designer called Page Builder, which gives you a WYSIWYG view of the content area as you develop it.

Start with a layout template or a blank page

When you start Page Builder for any particular WordPress Page, you’ll have a choice of landing page and content page templates, both of which fill the content area of the page (not the theme areas). Or you can choose a blank template and add your own layout from scratch.

If you select a pre-designed layout template, you then can start customizing the layout by changing rows and columns, and adding, editing and deleting modules. If you select a blank template, you start adding row and column layouts and content modules. You can just start dragging layouts and modules over to your page from the Add Content area that appears on the right.

If you don’t see that panel on the side, click the Add content button in the upper right corner of the page.


The basics of content area layouts

The basic Page Builder layout is one or more rows, and within those rows, you can have stacks of one or more columns. For example, here is a single row with several layers of columns.

Within those rows and columns, you drag in the content modules. We’re showing you a skeleton layout here, but you don’t need to create the whole layout in advance. Just drag modules into the content area and position them as a new row, or add a column to an existing one. For more information about how columns work, see the  column layouts overview.

In the first layout, there are columns stacked within the same row. You can also put each of those column layers into separate rows:


What determines when you start a new row in your layout? There’s no hard and fast rule, but here are some considerations:

  • You want to set a background color, image, or video for a particular row in your layout. Create a separate row for that section.
  • You want to save a particular row in order to reuse it somewhere else.
  • You have content sections on your page that you might want to reposition later –  if they are in separate rows, it’s easy to move them by dragging.
  • You want to take advantage of the row’s margin or padding features to position a block of content within a row, or position the row with respect to other rows.
  • Instead of a theme sidebar, you want to add a Sidebar module or some other module that appears to span several rows. To give this area the look of a sidebar, you need a single row with two columns, as this quick mockup shows:

Think responsive

Page Builder has built-in features that make layouts look good on medium devices (tablets) and small devices (mobile) with no extra effort on your part. The main features are device breakpoints, automatic column stacking and autospacing on mobile devices of margins and padding. However, if you want to take more control over breakpoints, stacking, and spacing, you can get just about as picky as you want. Start with this overview article on responsiveness.

Saving Page Builder layouts

You can save your layouts, from individual modules to rows to the content area of an entire page, called a layout template, or just a template for short. You can save rows and modules globally, so that any change you make in one place is reflected everywhere, or you can save the rows and modules so you can reuse them but can modify them in each location. Or you can save the entire page layout. If you have the Agency version of the Beaver Builder plugin, you can white label the Page Builder UI and create custom editing environments for your clients by controlling which layout templates, rows, and modules are available to them.

Beaver Builder Theme

Whether you’re using Beaver Builder Theme or some other theme, it’s going to control the header, footer, and (probably optional) sidebar areas. What appears in the header, footer, and sidebar areas, and how those settings are made, depends on your theme. Themes also usually control other global settings for your site, giving you more or less flexibility in customizing the style and layout.

In the Beaver Builder Theme, all theme settings are made in the WordPress Customizer, which you can access on the Appearance menu in the WordPress admin panel. The Beaver Builder theme Customizer has settings for the following general categories:

  • Layout and styling of the header, footer, and sidebar,
  • Default layout and style settings for Page Builder
  • Layout and options for blogs (with or without Page Builder enabled) and WooCommerce
  • Standard WordPress settings (page title and tag line, whether the first page is a Page or a Post)
  • A section to insert global CSS and JavaScript code at various places in the head or body of the page.

Header, Footer, Sidebar areas in Beaver Builder Theme

The header contains two separate areas:

  • The top bar, an optional strip above the header, which can contain one or two columns.
  • The main header, which includes the logo and the menu and has a number of choices of layout.

The footer also contains two separate areas, each optional:

  • The main footer, similar to the top bar in allowing one or two columns.
  • The footer widgets area, which appears above the footer.

The sidebar is optional but if enabled, it will appear on every archive and post page, and also on any page in which you set the theme template to display it. Note that by default there is only one sidebar, whose widget content will appear wherever you enable it (all Posts or individual Pages). You can’t customize the sidebar widgets differently for individual posts and pages unless you use a third-party plugin or write code. Another way to customize the sidebar is to use the Beaver Builder plugin to create a Sidebar module in your content layout.

Here’s a diagram with the header and footer sub-areas, but note that the positioning of the header logo and menu within the header depends on your Customizer layout setting.

Beaver Builder Theme’s default settings

The Beaver Builder theme’s Customizer settings let you set some of the defaults for Page Builder modules. This saves time and makes it easy to get conformity in your page layouts site-wide unless you choose to override that behavior.

Here are some Beaver Builder Theme settings that affect components other than the header, footer, and sidebar:

  • Accent color
    Sets the default color of both Theme and Page Builder links and buttons.
  • Headings
    Sets the default font family, size, and other font properties of headings in the content area.
  • Text
    Sets the default font family, size, and other font properties of non-heading text in the content area.
  • Background
    Sets a background color or image for the entire content area.
  • Blog area
    If you website is a blog, or includes a blog area, these settings control aspects of the layout of blog pages and information that appears in the content area of the blog. These Blog Layout settings in the theme apply whether or not you use Page Builder for the blog portion of your site. See the section on  pages vs. posts.
  • WooCommerce pages
    Controls some of the default layout and styling on WooCommerce pages.
  • Lightbox
    Control the default behavior or whether images open in a lightbox when clicked.
  • Code
    Lets you insert site-wide CSS and JavaScript code, or insert code specifically in the tag or at the beginning or end of the tag.
  • WordPress settings
    Every WordPress installation has some settings that are standard:  the site title and tagline, the site’s favicon, and whether the home page is a blog or a static page. The Beaver Builder Theme includes these standard WordPress settings in the Settings tab.

Pages vs. posts

By default, Page Builder is enabled only for WordPress Pages, not for Posts. You can enable Page Builder to be used for the content area of blog posts or custom post types in the WordPress admin panel in  Settings > Page Builder > Post Types. See the articles on using Page Builder with Posts for more information.

Note: Because WordPress index and archive pages are generated on the fly, you cannot use Page Builder with those pages. For more information, see the article on  generated WordPress archives vs. Page Builder layouts.

In the Beaver Builder Theme, there are basic settings for the blog layout, whether or not you enable Page Builder for the content areas. These layout settings control settings such as whether or not there is a sidebar and whether it’s on the left or right, whether a summary or the full post is displayed on archive pages, where the featured image appears relative to the text, whether the author’s name and date appear on blog posts, and so on. See the  Content Tab article for more information.

Srmehranclub Automatic Upgrades Plugin

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Managing a WordPress website can be quite a tedious task especially if you own a big website with a lot of plugins installed on it. Some of these plugins need to be regualarly updated to the newest version released by the developers for optimum performance. But the process is not as easy as it seems. In fact you have to manually go through certain steps for upgrading a single plugin.

  • Firstly, you need to delete the previous version from your WordPress.
  • Then download the latest version and install it on your WordPress website
  • Then you need to activate it before actually using it

As you might have guessed, it is a big problem when you have a lot of plugins installed on your WordPress. It is time-consuming and even a little bit of mistake could stop your Website from working.

Load More

But you don’t have to worry about it because Srmehranclub has a solution for this as well. We understand the gravity of this situation that’s why we are introducing to you the Srmehran Automatic Upgrades Plugin developed by Srmehranclub. This plugin will automatically take care of plugin updates so you don’t have to do everything manually.

How to Use Srmehranclub Automatic Upgrades Pugin?

To update your  Downloaded plugins & Theme automatically use Srmehranlub Plugins Manager.


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* Install this plugin as ANY WordPress plugins and  # Just activate it.

* Once the plugins is installed, a new tab will appear on your WordPress admin panel with the name of Srmehranclub Plugins.

• Go to the settings under Srmehranclub Plugins and add the license key to activate this plugin. (License Key is available under the tab License Manager)

# Copy License key Here

  • Go to the settings under Srmehranclub Plugins and add the license key to activate this plugin. (License Key is available under the tab License Manager)

  • Once the product is activated, go to the plugins tab under Srmehranclub Plugins which contains all of the plugins currently installed on your WordPress.

* Newly installed plugins are automatically added to the plugins option.

*Whenever a new update is released, it will automatically show up in Srmehranclub Automatic Upgrades Pugin. Select the plugin that you want to update and hit the download button.

*Once the download is complete, click on the install button. That’s it. Your plugin is successfully updated to the newest version.

Note: Srmehranclub Automatic Upgrades Pugin is Only Available for Premium & Bronze member but you do need to download at least one plugin from the website otherwise it won’t appear on the list.

Final Words:-

This plugin is a must have if you own a WordPress based website. With Srmehranclub automatic Upgrades Plugin installed on your WordPress, you won’t have to worry about manually upgrading every plugin and you can start focusing more on other important aspects of your website.

Srmehranclub is a complete platform for downloading all kinds of WordPress themes and plugins. The best thing about this forum is all the themes and plugins that usually cost thousands of dollars have been made available here at the lowest rates. With just $29 per month subscription fee, you can gain access to limitless WordPress themes and plugins. Checkout Srmehranclub for the best WordPress themes and plugins deals.


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